Michael Daly Watercolors

Michael Daly in action! Don't miss this amazing video of master watercolor painter Michael Daly creating a gorgeous piece, right before your very eyes. It's pointless to ask him how he does it, because even he doesn't know. All of Michael's works, images, ideas, joy, mastery, and the spirits that appear in almost everything he creates, come from the gut!

Watch Michael talking about his love of watercolor painting, his techniques and his life as an artist in a sequence of videos.  Scroll down and choose which one you want to view.

Uploaded by Michael DalyWatercolors on 2017-01-06.
Uploaded by Michael DalyWatercolors on 2017-01-03.
Artist Michael Daly describes his life as an artist and how art has shaped the neighborhood where he lives and works Visit dalywatercolors.com to view and purchase his work.