Michael Daly Watercolors

An acknowledgment by Brandon Swann.

Michael Daly

One of the many things I appreciate in Mr. Dalys artwork is that in everyone of his pieces you can see just how genuine they are. He works with a wide range of brushes, colors, papers and even the weather; yet they all reach out and demand your gaze. In any piece of his art you can see his emotions in his work. You can see this in the mastery of his craft. You can see that in one, or hundreds, or thousands of pieces of his art. There is JOY! He truly loves what he is doing when he is at work and even though this is his career it is his personal legacy being made. Not a single one of them are forced or rushed to be crafted. His art is as “genuine as it comes.” It baffles me that so many masterworks are made by his hands: yet I see no greed, no one would wonder whether he made them just for the money—something I see far too often.

Brandon Swann, Duluth, MN