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Michael's Studio/Gallery and Guest House!

Michael Daly

Last summer, Michael moved to his house in Duluth! The first mission was to convert the Studio/Gallery and Guest House into a legal rental property—there was a substantial fee and 13 items flagged by the inspector. In mid november, Michael received the Certificate of Occupancy. Everything on the list was accomplished—except the siding and exterior trim, which was deferred until spring.

The interior spaces are being done one-at-a-time! Michael will post photos as he makes progress. The intent is to rent individual rooms on a short term basis, or the whole upstairs wing (2 fabulous bedrooms, office, & private bath). Please let me know if you, or anyone you know, would be interested.



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Here’s a picture of 3059 Chestnut Street!

The “Gavin Sinclair Room.”

The “Gavin Sinclair Room.”

Gavin Stclair Room #2.jpg