Michael Daly Watercolors

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Michael Daly

Hand Painted Silk Scarves!


For the ladies only!  These 100% hand painted silk scarves come in 4 sizes!

08 x 45 - $235

08 x 54 - $275

15 x 60 - $325

14 x 72 - $375

Don't miss out!  These scarves are selling as fast as I can make them!  Each and every one of these gorgeous creations needs a woman like you to "hang" with!  It's time to class things up!  If you're not wearing one of Michael's scarves, don't dare go outside.

We are happy to take "special requests!"  If there is a certain color palette or size you want, please contact Michael.  

Girl's Day--Together Again!.jpg

Hand Painted Silk Pillows!

Our pillows come in these sizes:

22 x 22

20 x 20

12 x 12

By show day, we will have 4 (maybe 7) sets of hand painted pillows ready to go!  They are simply wonderful to live with and use daily.  Don't hold out--get a set today!

"Tiger Hunt"

"Tiger Hunt"