Michael Daly Watercolors

Happy Birthday to My Brother Pat!

Michael Daly

The last time I saw my older brother Pat, I had just picked up two sets of beautiful Hand Painted Silk Pillows from the sewer, who also lives in Duluth.  Nancy does a fantastic job for you!  Her attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship  is really quite inspiring and frankly some of the best I've seen.

Since I was on my way to Pat & Julie's for dinner that night,  I decided to bring these wonderful gems in with me and shop them around.   Everyone seemed to love them.

Well, Pat, today is a very special day, so thought to myself, "What better gift could I give a guy who loves to nap on the couch.  These original work are crafted with French dyes on dupione silk.  They are rich with color, yet supple, because the dyes absorb and dry right into the fabric itself.  Just like our Hand Painted Silk Scarves, we put the fabric through a dyeset to leach out excess color.  Then they are hand washed in cold water, drip dried and ironed.  So, go ahead Pat, and pick out a set.  Let me know right away, and I will buy them for you, for your birthday.