Michael Daly Watercolors

Merry Christmas!

Michael Daly

I would like to thank everyone who helped with my two big Holiday Shows!  Both the event here in St. Paul as well as our showing in DC, were big successes!  Let's go ahead and name names!  

The St. Paul Crew!  Claudia, Stan, JobyLynn, David, Hugh, John, Lucy & Lynn!  I don't know how we did it.  I was trying desperately to launch my new e-commerce web site and host the Annual Holiday Exhibit at the same time.  Bad idea!  Won't do that again.  However, it was a learning experience and the push got me further to moving my entire business to my new site!   Saralee said that it was the most beautiful show ever!  Thanks, Saralee!  In the future, I will (but not before I'm ready) host web only events.  Get Ready!

The DC Crew! Kevin, Greg & Jim!  These boys know how to put on an event!  The place looked fabulous, we had a great crowd and people seemed to have a good time.  As always, the most important thing is that I got there and back safely.  Thanks to everyone!

Before January 1, 2018, I will try to complete publishing all of the Framed Original Art I have for sale, as well as Note Cards & Greeting Cards.

As a little end-of-the-year treat, I will open up the Framed Original Art section through December 31.  After that, it goes bye bye until my next event.  However, as always, you can contact me through the site and I will be happy to make that or the entire BUY FRAMED AND UNFRAMED PRINTS section available for a set time.


Michael Daly

I would also like to thank Mary Kay, Alla, and Wally for letting my rant until I was better.  And to Dick, who gives me the right kind of support!