Michael Daly Watercolors

Please be an Ambasador for this new business!

Michael Daly

For the past two years, Michael hasn't been able to do summer art fairs!  Why?  Because he's been inside, with the blinds drawn shut, working like a mad man to duplicate his business on-line.  In order to thrive in today's business world, small business owners like me have to be in two worlds--the physical & virtual!

However, there's no free lunch!  Actually, there's been no lunch at all, not for the past two years.  The gap in income from skipping summer art shows, in order to bring everything to you on-line, has been challenging to say the least!  Now, I need to be supported. 

We have always done this together!  I make the art and YOU my dear, faithful & fabulous customers, buy the art, bring friends to shows, encourage them to buy, send out my greeting & note cards, and generally watch out for my welfare.  This is about us!  This is your website!  I cannot and will not continue on without you.

Please promote your new business!  Buy & send gifts from your new business!  Share the gift of living with this great art!


Thank you!


Michael P. Daly

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