Michael Daly Watercolors

Since I was behind on getting everything ready for my Annual Holiday Exhibit at my studio in St. Paul, November 19th, I have decided to open up the entire framed/unframed print section of the site for the remainder of the day.  I plan to make the everything available at other points during the gift giving season, but do not know exactly when that will be.  I will try to get a schedule together and post it a blog here.  Unfortunately, I cannot open up the original section, because I have an out-of-state showing and will be on road--with my framed original paintings.  

Thanks for visiting the site!  If you love something, buy it.  It may not be available after today.


P.S., I just finished photographing the 5 pillow sets and built product pages for them!  When you click on the thumbnail, the product page appears and there are several wonderful detailed photos of the pillows.  Yum!