Michael Daly Watercolors

Michael Daly has a show in NE Washington, DC (April 15 - May 1, 2019)

Michael Daly

The Joy of Spring!

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H Street Art & Framing invite you and your guests to a spring showing of original watercolors by Minnesota artist, Michael Daly.

The show runs from April 15 - May 1, 2019

Artist’s Reception

Saturday, April 20th, 2019

5:00 - 10:00 p.m.

1311 H Street, NE, Washington, DC 20002

(202) 758-0910

Store Hours

Monday-Friday 10 AM – 7 PM

Saturday               10 AM-6 PM

Sunday             12 noon – 5 PM

e-mail: expertsinframing@gmail.com

*Michael Daly will be in DC and available to work directly with customers for the entire run of the show. Please call (651) 500-8276 to schedule a time for personal assistance, in-home consultation, or delivery.


An acknowledgment by Brandon Swann.

Michael Daly

One of the many things I appreciate in Mr. Dalys artwork is that in everyone of his pieces you can see just how genuine they are. He works with a wide range of brushes, colors, papers and even the weather; yet they all reach out and demand your gaze. In any piece of his art you can see his emotions in his work. You can see this in the mastery of his craft. You can see that in one, or hundreds, or thousands of pieces of his art. There is JOY! He truly loves what he is doing when he is at work and even though this is his career it is his personal legacy being made. Not a single one of them are forced or rushed to be crafted. His art is as “genuine as it comes.” It baffles me that so many masterworks are made by his hands: yet I see no greed, no one would wonder whether he made them just for the money—something I see far too often.

Brandon Swann, Duluth, MN


Miracles Happen Every Day...

Michael Daly

There were a couple of customers at the show on March 23rd who needed framing services. We decided to use 18th St. Framing, (1901, 18th Street NW, Washington DC 20009) since Kevin had been a good customer of theirs. AK, the owner, just happened to be working at that location on the Sunday after the show. He went wild over Michael’s paintings, so Kevin suggested that he stop by and see the show before I had to pack up and head back to Minnesota.

After seeing the body of work on display, AK said, “Why don’t you leave the works here and I’ll do a show for you at my other location, on H Street, in NE Washington. Before I knew it, we were planning a show from April 15 - May 1st. I couldn’t believe that another wonderful opportunity to share my paintings, seemed to materialize. Thank you AK!

We are working hard on putting together a great event, so please come and join us, bring friends and celebrate “The Joy of Spring!”

*By April 9th, there should be printed invites to the show available at both of AK’s framing locations! Stop by a grab a few to hand out at work, or give to friends.

See you there!

Thank You Everyone!

Michael Daly
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We had a lovely show at Kevin & John’s on Sunday, March 23rd. For the first time, Michael packed up a show for traveling from his new home studio/gallery in Duluth. It was a bit challenging because there were no systems yet in place. However, the job got done and finally (a day late) Michael arrived in DC.

We had help with cleaning, serving beverages and taking care of customers too! It was a splendid evening! People stayed a long time and really seemed to enjoy the art. It’s a lot of work to drive halfway across America, so thanks for coming to the show!

Celebrate Spring!

Michael Daly
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Kevin Minoli & John Santos cordially invite you and your guests to a spring showing of original watercolors by Michael Daly.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

5:00 - 10:00 p.m.

1725 T Street, NW, Apt. 2

Washington, DC 20009

(202) 669-1905

Michael's Studio/Gallery and Guest House!

Michael Daly

Last summer, Michael moved to his house in Duluth! The first mission was to convert the Studio/Gallery and Guest House into a legal rental property—there was a substantial fee and 13 items flagged by the inspector. In mid november, Michael received the Certificate of Occupancy. Everything on the list was accomplished—except the siding and exterior trim, which was deferred until spring.

The interior spaces are being done one-at-a-time! Michael will post photos as he makes progress. The intent is to rent individual rooms on a short term basis, or the whole upstairs wing (2 fabulous bedrooms, office, & private bath). Please let me know if you, or anyone you know, would be interested.



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Here’s a picture of 3059 Chestnut Street!

The “Gavin Sinclair Room.”

The “Gavin Sinclair Room.”

Gavin Stclair Room #2.jpg

29th Annual Holiday Open House!

Michael Daly
A New Path (700 x 700).jpg

Michael Daly cordially invites you and your guests to Celebrate the Season at his new location in Duluth.

November 16 - 18, 2018

Friday: 5 - 10:00 p.m.

Saturday: 12 - 8:00 p.m.

Sunday: 12 - 5:00 p.m.

3059 Chestnut St.

Duluth, MN 55806

(651) 500-8276

I'm Moving!

Michael Daly
2018 Spring Invite (web).jpg

When my mother and Mary Kay decided to put my grandma (Marguerite Bourassa) into a nursing home, I bought her house in Duluth's "West End."

The main reason was to keep my younger brother Sean off the street.  He went to help "Big Grandma" when our Uncle, Jack, was dying, and stayed on after that--it was where he lived after all.

The other reason was to protect myself--just-in-case I ever needed someplace to go.  I had already been a renter at the Northern Warehouse (in St. Paul's Lowertown) for 20 years at that point and I could see that they would condoize the building some day--after the artists had turned it into a priceless sanctuary.

I was conceived in the house at 3059 Chestnut St., and spent a lot of time there during my early "independent" years (ages 10-11).  At that point, I was going to a private parochial school about 6 blocks away called St Jeans, and  I often stayed with Grandma, Frank (her second husband), Aunt Dottie (she was in school at age 50, getting her diploma as a medical records secretary), Uncle Jack (he lived in that house his whole life), and "Peppie"  the toy poodle. 

I came and went as I pleased.  No one ever questioned me--ever--except that they often joked and teased me about what I was intending to make for dinner.  These adults just couldn't wrap their minds around the fact that one weekend I just simply couldn't stay over, because I had go home and put a roast in the oven.

I now feel that house "calling me."  So, after 30 years of living in my unbelievably beautiful loft, building a legacy as a self-employed artist, and an entire community--I'm leaving. 

My vision is to use this historic house as my residence and gallery.  I will continue to create my works at my painting studio on Lake Minnesuing--just 30 miles away.  Water everywhere!

The next time you get an invitation to an art show from me, it will be at 3059 Chestnut St!  Apparently, that Lincoln Park neighborhood has become a "Crafts" district in recent years.  Come on y'all! 

If I have my way, I will work with the City of Duluth, to develop an equity housing/studio project for artists.  It would have to be in a concentrated and limited area.  A place where we artists can be together and happy and once again--never again to be used as an economic development tool, and then discarded when we (like we are now) are in the way.

Thanks to everybody who came through my door here at the Northern Warehouse, Studio 519.


Michael Daly

Loving Blessings from Reverend Alla Bozarth!

Michael Daly

This letter was sent to me as a reflection (or mirror) by my dear, sweet friend Alla Bozarth.  She is an Episcpial priest, gestalt Psychologist, author of more than 30 books and thousands of poems.  I was overwhelmed when I received this!  For me, it really helps to clarify/cement/explain and validate my vision.

Thank you, Alla!



Dearest Artist,


Saying goodbye to your beautiful home and gallery of 30 years in St. Paul is sad, but the sadness is lightened and transformed by the joy of your moving home to the house where you were conceived in Duluth, to give new life to your art and yourself in a secure and constant place where you are owner, proprietor and total boss, and where you have already conceived this wonderful plan for the future: "If I have my way, I will work with the City of Duluth, to develop an equity housing/studio project for artists.  It would have to be in a concentrated and limited area.  A place where we artists can be together and happy and once again never again to be used as an economic development tool, and then discarded when we (like we are now) are in the way." I pray that the City of Duluth will recognize the sublime merit of this plan and support it whole-heartedly. What a precious contribution you and other local artists will be able to make to the community once you have that sacred place of art and life flowing into one another in a mutually nurturing community! I am reminded of the Beehive in Paris, home to artists in complementary genres who had solitude as needed along with the opportunity to gather for mutual intellectual and artistic stimulation. To quote Celia in Act Three, Scene Two of As You Like It, "O wonderful, wonderful, and most wonderful wonderful! and yet again wonderful, and after that, out of all whooping!" [Wm. Shakespeare] 


May the Divine Artist bless this endeavor and you, Michael Daly, through and through!


Loving Blessings,

Alla Bozarth, Ph.D.

Michael Daly's Final Show at the Northern Warehouse.

Michael Daly

I’m Moving!

Michael Daly cordially invites you and your guests to celebrate 30 years of annual shows at the Northern Warehouse.

April 22, 2018

Noon to Six p.m.

Refreshments will be served.

See you here!

*Come!  Celebrate art, fellowship and, one last time, this beautiful space that has welcomed so many.

Parking Available

The Union Depot lots 1 & 2 are on Kellogg Blvd.—Just east of Broadway St.

Meters are free on Sunday.

Michael Daly Watercolors, 308 Prince St., Studio 519, St. Paul, MN  55101

(651) 500-8276

Merry Christmas!

Michael Daly

I would like to thank everyone who helped with my two big Holiday Shows!  Both the event here in St. Paul as well as our showing in DC, were big successes!  Let's go ahead and name names!  

The St. Paul Crew!  Claudia, Stan, JobyLynn, David, Hugh, John, Lucy & Lynn!  I don't know how we did it.  I was trying desperately to launch my new e-commerce web site and host the Annual Holiday Exhibit at the same time.  Bad idea!  Won't do that again.  However, it was a learning experience and the push got me further to moving my entire business to my new site!   Saralee said that it was the most beautiful show ever!  Thanks, Saralee!  In the future, I will (but not before I'm ready) host web only events.  Get Ready!

The DC Crew! Kevin, Greg & Jim!  These boys know how to put on an event!  The place looked fabulous, we had a great crowd and people seemed to have a good time.  As always, the most important thing is that I got there and back safely.  Thanks to everyone!

Before January 1, 2018, I will try to complete publishing all of the Framed Original Art I have for sale, as well as Note Cards & Greeting Cards.

As a little end-of-the-year treat, I will open up the Framed Original Art section through December 31.  After that, it goes bye bye until my next event.  However, as always, you can contact me through the site and I will be happy to make that or the entire BUY FRAMED AND UNFRAMED PRINTS section available for a set time.


Michael Daly

I would also like to thank Mary Kay, Alla, and Wally for letting my rant until I was better.  And to Dick, who gives me the right kind of support!

Happy Birthday to My Brother Pat!

Michael Daly

The last time I saw my older brother Pat, I had just picked up two sets of beautiful Hand Painted Silk Pillows from the sewer, who also lives in Duluth.  Nancy does a fantastic job for you!  Her attention to detail and excellent craftsmanship  is really quite inspiring and frankly some of the best I've seen.

Since I was on my way to Pat & Julie's for dinner that night,  I decided to bring these wonderful gems in with me and shop them around.   Everyone seemed to love them.

Well, Pat, today is a very special day, so thought to myself, "What better gift could I give a guy who loves to nap on the couch.  These original work are crafted with French dyes on dupione silk.  They are rich with color, yet supple, because the dyes absorb and dry right into the fabric itself.  Just like our Hand Painted Silk Scarves, we put the fabric through a dyeset to leach out excess color.  Then they are hand washed in cold water, drip dried and ironed.  So, go ahead Pat, and pick out a set.  Let me know right away, and I will buy them for you, for your birthday.

Happy Cyber Monday!

Michael Daly

Since I was behind on getting everything ready for my Annual Holiday Exhibit at my studio in St. Paul, November 19th, I have decided to open up the entire BUY FRAMED & UNFRAMED PRINTS  section of the site for the remainder of the day.  I plan to make the everything available at other points during the gift giving season, but do not know exactly when that will be.  I will try to get a schedule together and post it in a blog here.  Unfortunately, I cannot open up the original section, because I have an out-of-state showing and will be on road--with my framed original paintings.  

Thanks for visiting the site!  If you love something, buy it.  It may not be available after today.


P.S., I just finished photographing 5 pillow sets, and built product pages for them!  When you click on the thumbnail, the product page appears and there are several wonderful detailed photos of the individual pillow sets.  Yum!  BUY SILK PILLOWS

Thank you!

Michael Daly

I don't ever remember ever having a day like today.  People arrived at the studio for the show at exactly 12:00 noon, as well as on-line, and we were busy throughout the day.  Business was great, everyone stayed for a long time and seened to really take in everything.  It was just magical.

I am sorry about the technical problems that we had with making the original art section available.  By 2:00 p.m., I finally figured out how to fix the problem.  However, by that point I understand that many of you had just given up.  This is a new business, and as hard as I tried to imagine and get in front of any eventualities, but I simply could not predict what did go wrong.

The scarves and pillows are ready, but I just ran out of time and could not finish making the product pages for them.  I will try to get it done ASAP.

I truly gave it everything I had!

Thanks to all of the individuals who worked tirelessly to produce the physical and virtual showing today--you know who you are!   Without you, none of would have been possible.  I will try to make the scarves and pillows available for Black Friday, as well as the original art and prints.  Please check back mid week for an update.




Michael Daly





Michael Daly

If you love SUSHI, don't miss this year's show.  TV room for Vikings fans-new this year!  

Michael Daly's 28th Annual Holiday Exhibit!


Please join us on this site, or at the studio, for Michael Daly's 28th Annual Holiday Exhibit!

This year, and for the very first time, the work we're displaying at my studio may also be purchased on my site--during the same hours only.

November 19, 2017

Noon to 6:00 p.m.


Beverages will be served. Also featuring sushi & Japanese appetizers from Tomo!


Check it out!

The Leeds Masterworks Collection, silk pillows, silk scarves for the ladies, and cat paintings!

Michael Daly Watercolors, Northern Warehouse, Studio 519

308 Prince St., St. Paul, MN 55101

(651) 500-8276

Holding out Hope!.jpg

Check Out Our Newest Offerings!

Michael Daly

Hand Painted Silk Scarves!


For the ladies only!  These 100% hand painted silk scarves come in 4 sizes!

08 x 45 - $235

08 x 54 - $275

15 x 60 - $325

14 x 72 - $375

Don't miss out!  These scarves are selling as fast as I can make them!  Each and every one of these gorgeous creations needs a woman like you to "hang" with!  It's time to class things up!  If you're not wearing one of Michael's scarves, don't dare go outside.

We are happy to take "special requests!"  If there is a certain color palette or size you want, please contact Michael.  

Girl's Day--Together Again!.jpg

Hand Painted Silk Pillows!

Our pillows come in these sizes:

22 x 22

20 x 20

12 x 12

By show day, we will have 4 (maybe 7) sets of hand painted pillows ready to go!  They are simply wonderful to live with and use daily.  Don't hold out--get a set today!

"Tiger Hunt"

"Tiger Hunt"

Please be an Ambasador for this new business!

Michael Daly

For the past two years, Michael hasn't been able to do summer art fairs!  Why?  Because he's been inside, with the blinds drawn shut, working like a mad man to duplicate his business on-line.  In order to thrive in today's business world, small business owners like me have to be in two worlds--the physical & virtual!

However, there's no free lunch!  Actually, there's been no lunch at all, not for the past two years.  The gap in income from skipping summer art shows, in order to bring everything to you on-line, has been challenging to say the least!  Now, I need to be supported. 

We have always done this together!  I make the art and YOU my dear, faithful & fabulous customers, buy the art, bring friends to shows, encourage them to buy, send out my greeting & note cards, and generally watch out for my welfare.  This is about us!  This is your website!  I cannot and will not continue on without you.

Please promote your new business!  Buy & send gifts from your new business!  Share the gift of living with this great art!


Thank you!


Michael P. Daly

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St Paul Spring Art Crawl, Friday April 28th - Sunday April 30th, 2017

David Honeybone

Michael is opening his studio again for the Spring Art Crawl.  Visit him at Studio 519, Northern Warehouse, 308 Prince Street, St. Paul.

Friday 28th April: 6pm - 10pm

Saturday 29th April: 12noon - 8pm

Sunday 30th April: 12noon - 5pm.

He will be featuring prints from his new website as well as showing new original watercolors, including work from his first visit of 2017 to his northern Wisconsin lake cabin.

Tulip's for Caroline - this is the sister piece for Irises for Dorothy - both available as prints - they make a perfect pair!

Tulip's for Caroline - this is the sister piece for Irises for Dorothy - both available as prints - they make a perfect pair!